A typhoon from the South China Sea was heading for the Mekong Delta in Vietnam on Christmas 2017. A hundred miles south of Saigon over 10,000 rural residents of the delta were evacuated to shelters . Fortunately the storm subsided and I was able to travel by bus to the town of Ben Tre.

Hotel Terrace, Vĩnh Long

Navigating the Mekong outside of Vĩnh Long

Man Weightlifting, Sa Đéc

Morning Tai Chi, Bến Tre

Watermelon Man, Vĩnh Long

Former Cinema, Bến Tre

The main forms of transportation in the delta are ferry and motorcycle. You'll never wait more than ten minutes for the boats to fill up. There are always plenty of women selling lottery tickets and food for the short river crossings.

Lottery Vendor, Ferry Crossing, Vĩnh Long

Ferry Crossing, Vĩnh Long

Road Construction Outside of Sa Đéc

Sewer Repair, Châu Đốc

Man Tending Plant for Tet New Year, Bến Tre

Fruit Garden, Vĩnh Long

Ancestors, Buddhist Temple, Sa Đéc

Outward signs of religious practice are more robust in the Mekong Delta than in other parts of Vietnam. There were pockets of Buddhist temples and Christian churches in many of the towns I visited. Further south near the Cambodian border, inhabited by the Cham population, were many mosques.

Buddhist Temple, Tri Tôn

Buddhist Temple , Châu Đốc

Mubarak Mosque, Châu Đốc

Nia’mah Mosque, Châu Đốc

Jummah Friday Prayer, Mubarak Mosque, Châu Đốc

Girls Outside Classroom, Nia’mah Mosque, Châu Đốc

Nia’mah Mosque, Châu Đốc

After the sun sets, clothing markets spring up in many towns like Sa Đéc. Vendors put up awnings that are taken down and stored away during the day.

Tailor Shop, Vĩnh Long

Guest House, Châu Đốc



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