Music By Kamayla Britton

Reasons why music is Awsome

Music is and can be a gate way to unimaginable places. It has help me and many other people with coping with things in life. Music can be used to as therapy with people who has brain damage. The music helps rewire the brain. Music is used constantly when people need to focus people put music in.

Don't be afraid to dream Big!

Always dream big and always push yourself to better because before you know it your at the top. People always talk down on all the people who wants to famous for example an actress, singer, dancer, rapper, etc. But Anyone can do whatever they desire, with right determination and hard work. You will get there in no time.

This quote by Artist B.o.B is Very inspiring to me. It pushes me to be me and do what I dream of. Because People dicourge young ones who dream and this just pushes me to prove them wrong.

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Kamayla Britton


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