Anti-War Theme in Slaughterhouse-Five By: Megha Dhanapal & Lucie Price

Quote #1: "You'll pretend you were men instead of babies, and you'll be played in the movies by Frank Sinatra and John Wayne or some of those other glamorous, war-loving, dirty old men. And war will look just wonderful, so we'll have a lot more of them. And they'll be fought by babies like the babies upstairs" (Vonnegut 14).

Quote #2: "Trout's leading robot looked like a human being, and could talk and dance and so on, and go out with girls. And nobody held it against him that he dropped jellied gasoline on people. But they found his halitosis unforgivable. But then he cleared that up, and he was welcomed to the human race" (Vonnegut 168).

Quote #3: "The major told Billy that the Green Berets were doing a great job, and that he should be proud of his son. 'I am. I certainly am,' said Billy Pilgrim. He went home for a nap after lunch. He was under doctor's orders to take a nap every day. The doctor hoped that this would relieve a complaint that Billy had: Every so often, for no apparent reason, Billy Pilgrim would find himself weeping" (Vonnegut 61).

Quote #4: "One of the Englishmen saw that Billy was on fire 'You're on fire, lad!' he said, and he got Billy away from the stove and beat out the sparks with his hands. When Billy made no comment on this, the Englishman asked him, 'Can you talk? Can you hear?' Billy nodded. The Englishman touched him exploratorily here and there, filled with pity. 'My God-what have they done to you, lad? This isn't a man. It's a broken kite'" (Vonnegut 97).

Quote #5: "There are almost no characters in this story, and almost no dramatic confrontations, because most of the people in it are so sick and so much the listless playthings of enormous forces. One of the main effects of war, after all, is that people are discouraged from being characters" (Vonnegut 164).

Works Cited:

Vonnegut, Kurt. Slaughterhouse-Five. New York City: Random House Inc, 1969. Print.

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