Buddha tweets From @queenmaya had a weird dream last night, a white elephant descended from the sky and pierced me with light. #wierd

From @queenmaya talked to the consul of the wise today, and I now have got great news that I will give birth to a baby boy. #itsaboy
From @queenmaya Prince siddharttha born today. #newborn
From @queenmaya I'm feeling very ill today. #probablygonnadie
From @princesiddhartha I took the w in all the events today. #allidoiswin
From @princesiddhartha found out that people grow old today,sad sight. #sad
From @princesiddhartha came back to the city of kapilavastu and I've now learned of disease and am beginning to realize someday my wife and son will die. #weareallgonnadie
From @

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