A solution for the Rescued

Grand Teton National Park and Teton County offer many different hiking locations that people from all over the world can enjoy.

While hiking is an enjoyable adventure in these regions, it can end up in an unplanned and dangerous situation.

It can be easy get lost in the mountain ranges.

Even with the right equipment, an individual or multiple people can end up lost and confused and in need of a Search and Rescue(SAR) Team.

Search and Rescue operations can, however, be expensive and therefore discourage people from calling SAR.

These bills can often be thousands of dollars.

There are thousands of people that enter Grand Teton National Park and Teton County every year to do many hikes.

With these people entering the park to go hiking, they should pay an insurance fee that would then help to cover bills for Search and Rescue.

with bills being partially paid, people will be more will to call for SAR.


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