Refinery 29

Refinery 29 is a website founded in 2005 in New York City. It was created as a place for writers to talk about everything ranging from fashion and beauty to global news. It began on just $5,000 and has now become a major platform.
I am applying to the marketing internship in London because I would love the experience to be able to work in a different country marketing media from my own country. Refinery 29 competes with news outlets such as Vogue, Glamour and Vice.
The job will include daily tracking data acquisition activities, monitoring daily trends and participating in idea generation for acquisition campaigns.
Company values include promoting equality in all aspects such as race, gender, sexuality and age. Refinery 29 is a place where both the art and design of material things is placed at the same level as mental health, politics and world news. I strongly appreciate these values and would love to work for a company that treats their employees as respected individuals.
Working at Refinery 29 would help me garner more experience that I could apply to my future career. I hope to work full time at Refinery 29 or at a similar publication in which innovation is important and various topics are discussed.

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