4B10Abbey Elgersma a life time to frre dum

this is a map of ireland

me name is Abbey I had to come thrw ellis island. I had to leve my castle wich i shard with 2 good Friends. Iam 21 now.

hear is a pic of mt castle it is not that big but hear.

hear it is

well hear ill tell you'll all about my family .i have a mom ,a dad, sister , brother, and a dog.

And i live in evergreen park ill now. but soon i am going to Ireland to go see my family for st Patty's day. because i am Irish .

statue of liberty facks

  • that it sanded of are free dum
  • and it dedicated to the u.s.a. in 1886 Oct 28
  • in the late 1800s millions of immigrants moved to the u.s.a.
  • thay pasted through ellis island
  1. i liked hearing the man tell his story
  2. i liked the picchers
  3. i liked whaching the vidos


ellis island inteteract tour

brainpopjr statue of liberty

goole imge


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