How to do a handstand Dont try these dangerous stunts at home as we are certified professionals and yes max is a gold medal winNer for JapaN

Before We Practiced

How we Trained

Both me and Max trained very hard to master the art of handstands. Personally I practiced over hot coals and knives. I think one of the main things is that people stop because their arms are hurt or they broke their wrist but no matter what you can't stop. I personally have trained myself to do handstands with broken wrists and a broken collarbone. Max did the same approach as me and clearly it worked well

Our Actual Training Method

So first you want to walk yourself up the wall so you get used to the feeling of being upside down. To master a handstand you must become one with the handstand. You must be the handstand. After you have become the handstand you want to try getting yourself up a couple times. I recommend when first trying try to be safe and not use knives but instead do it in safe places like roofs or in front of my uncle Kim Jong Uns mansion. Make sure to do it against a wall first though so you can continue the art of becoming a handstand and also train your muscles. Personally we never had an issue with our muscles giving out, because these guns never give out.

Once your form doesn't suck

Once you start to get the hang of the handstand on the wall stick some hot coals under you to motivate you. Once you've mastered that stick some knives under you. But make sure that if you fall on them it's lethal. Anyways once you have the wall handstand mastered I advise trying out the handstand off the wall. It's naturally harder as most of you don't have these guns so now there isn't something holding your fat body up. To solve this issue you gotta hit the weight room, and once you aren't a weakling you should be good to start practicing.

After Our Training Was Over

An Old Tape of Cameron


All in all I think Max and I learned a very valuable lesson from all of our hard work. Also we did have our Olympic trial videos for which we made the team, however the files corrupted and I wasn't able to retrieve them, so I wasn't able to show them. Sorrrryyy😬😬

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