How to draw a fashion croquis By: Rigo rojas

Begin by sketching the head of the croquis and then measure the length of the head using the tip of your pencil and your thumb

Using the length measurement of the head, mark the length of eight heads horizontal to the initial drawing. Since human bodies are for the most part symmetrical, draw a straight line down the head and the markings to help you have similar sides

Draw the torso and arms to match on both sides. The hip area and legs should begin after the fourth head/marking

Using the same measurement method check for proportions and they should almost be identical on both sides. Then, proceed to draw the rest of the body, arms, and feet

If you need to transfer your sketch to mix media paper use graphite paper or shade an entire sheet of tracing paper with the side of your pencil. Place graphite paper or shaded side facing the desired paper for transfer. Tape graphite paper to both the drawing and new sheet of paper. Trace over your drawing which will make an outline of what you traced on the new piece of paper.

Trace the outline made by your graphite paper, and make sharp lines and edges to the body. When done with the sketch of the body, dress the person with clothing with your choice of design.

Use color pencils or markers to add color to your design. Finish by sketching the details such as the hands, feet, and face of the croquis.


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