Patrick awesome video game store by Patrick shang

Start-up materials

I need to require an office furniture, computer sets ups, and decorating or remodeling to my business.

Financial information

The start up cost from a saving or loans to open up the business. I need to have $3,336.28 to have the business.

Employee Structure

The employee structure is going to be stuff members and a personal trainer to show how the stuff works in the building. The important qualities is to show the hard work and to be respectful to the people in your stuff.


My business is going to be in Cypress, Texas because it is close to the shopping center. it maybe rent to a location to see it is good or not.

Floor plan


My method is to have a brochures to include the information about the business. The cost of the brochures is 20 dollar.

Business Card

Future plans

I see this business in 5 years and it going to be franchise. I plan to expand my business to have a brand new building to have the video game or controllers.


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