French Revolution By:Cheyenne ponsler

What is the cause of the French Revolution?

The Americans had a huge impact on the French Revolution because they just had a Revolution of their own. The king could act all on his own power, the people had wanted a voice of their own and a balance form of government. The taxation was a huge burden on the French people. They also had a huge food shortage because of crop failure and high prices before the Revolution. The church has also created a new society not based off of traditions like the people of the church wanted but on reason. The third class had become more known and larger they created their own caste with its own agenda they wanted political equality between the second class and first class. The liberal economists had created a increase on price for bread. Because of everything that was going on King Louis XVI had called for a meeting with the Estates-General and the third class had fought against the wishes of the king which is what started the Revolution.

Was the French Revolution a success?

The French Revolution was a fail because it had gone from a monarch to a dictatorship then back to a monarch. They had destroyed French land and had broken statues that had great value. The Revolution had nothing happened afterwards the Code Napoléon was put in place for the people but that changed nothing. A huge amount of the money that the Revolution had to pay hurt the people even more and as of this day the debt isn't payed off. Because of the Revolution the allies had become in charge of high command. Their was no change at the system level which means that it should even be called a Revolution.

What was the impact the region of terror had on the French society?

The French society had become scared of the government because of the random deaths that occurred. They never new if they would be the next one to be executed. The leaders of the region of terror had power over a lot of things. The people of churches had to take oaths and if they didn't they would be executed. If they were executed they would watch that persons family members closely. If you were to go against any rules you would be tried for execution.

What impact did the region of terror have on the French Revolution?

The reason of terror was all about hurting those who were tradiors it happened after the French Revolution. It was a rival between two political classes. About 16,594 deaths were official in France, 2,639 deaths were in Paris. The Revolution was not affect by the Region of terror but the region of terror was affected by the Revolution. The Revolution was the start of the region of terror.

How did England react to the French Revolution?

The Britains were fighting against the French in the Revolution. People who lived in England had mixed responses. The Londan chronicle had said "In every province of this great kingdom the flame of liberty has burst forth." They considered the Revolution a glorious and powerful Revolution. The Britains believed that the uprise was uncalled for, but they also felt like the Revolution provide hope to those who wanted freedom from the British government.

How did America react to the French Revolution?

The French Revolution had changed Americas way of politics and the laws. It was also a main reason that the passage of the alien and sedition acts had passed. When the Revolution had begun the Americans were supporting the Revolution. They had stopped fighting with the French when the noticed that Britain was taking away their goods that they traded with. The United States stayed nutural between the Revolution. When the Revolution had started they had chosen the French side because they were hoping that they would become stronger than Britain. They realized that wouldn't happen when they backed out of the Revolution.

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