Darfur Genocide

Where the Genocide took place

The Darfur Genocide took place in Darfur , a region in Western Sudan . Sudan is the largest country in Africa. It borders the Red Sea and falls between Egypt , Chad , Uganda , as well as six other countries.

The genocide in western Sudan

The genocide in Darfur began to take place in the 21st century. The killings began in 2003 and still take place today.

the victims of Darfur

The victims targeted were Darfuri men , women , children in Western Sudan. They get burn't , raped , beaten , and killed everyday for no reason.

Who is carrying this act out

This act is being carried out by a group of government-armed and funded Arab militias. This group is known as the Janjaweed which translates to ' devils on horse back .'

the approximate number of people killed in Darfur

As of today 480,000 people have been killed , and over 2.8 million people are displaced

results of the Darfur genocide

The Sudanese Government and the JEM (Justice and Equality Movement ) signed a ceasefire in February 2010, with an agreement to pursue further peace. The JEM has the most to pursue further peace. The JEM has the most to gain from talks and could see semi-autonomy much like South Sudan. However, talks have been disrupted by accusations that the Sudanese army launched raids and air strikes against a village , violating the February agreement.


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