Reading is Good For Your Health By: Teagan Phillips


People who come into this therapist instead of giving them the normal things they give them books to read. The books they are giving them relate to the topic they are having problems with and help them get through it by reading through other people’s situations. Reading can help with intelligence as well as improving your love life, family life and relationships at work. The reading that they’re doing is doing things for the clients that they have never been able to do through the regular therapy sessions.


“People say you only get one life, but I say read fiction and you can live many lives in one.” - Keith Oatley. This quote I think is very true and it is proven in some way. I think it is true because anytime I read a book and get into the book it seems like I can be put into a whole new world. I think this theory only works for if you have a book that you like and have strong feelings for. The thing that Courtney would have to do is make sure that her clients were emotionally into the book so that they would be getting the same idea of being able to live as many lives as you want just by reading books. For me, finding a good book that I get attached to can be hard a lot of times so when I do find a really good book that I start to feel like I am a part of that book its when I realize how cool it really is to feel part of a different life. When you have a good book that does that for you, it is nice to just grab the book find a nice spot and just start to read and it will take your mind off of everything else going on in your life.

I am pretty sure Courtney feels this way too because she gives her clients these books hoping that they will want to read it and hope that it takes their mind off of everything else that they have going on and they just focus on the book and how the book can get them to feel better. I have never had an experience with going through a very hard time in my life besides when my parents got divorced and even then the strongest feeling I had was anger and sadness I wasn’t depressed or anything so I have never had to or chose to read a book that I thought would help me get through that hard time.

However, I have read books that made me think while reading that going through a situation somewhat like that would make me feel like I’m not the only one and I have people to support me. As the majority of people know, it is impossible to physically live more than one life but if you get deep enough into your book that the book seems to become a part of you then you can live another life in your book as well. When teachers tell you to read and it will make you smarter although that is true, they want you to have exposure to other things in the world and want you to have experience with it in someway.

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