How to Draw Arts 211-005 Final by Jessie Bryson

There are many ways to render a drawing. Really, the possibilities of creation are endless. I've learned several classic techniques, like proportion exercises, smooth-toning values, measuring, etc.

a hand-drawn proportion/value-edge/form graphic design project; line drawing on left, value zoom on right


Let's see how to make a letter of the alphabet come to life through quilling.

Materials needed:

top left: slotted quilling tool and clear glue with a pen tip, top middle: paper (tracing and mixed media), top right: pre-cut quilling paper strips, bottom left: thin tweezers, bottom right: graphite paper

Step 1: Drawing

Draw out a light sketch. I created a letter "A" (in my own font) for my roommate. First, draw out the letter and your design on the tracing paper. Then, transfer it using the graphite paper in between the tracing paper and your mixed media paper. I decided to leave off the designs for aesthetic purposes.

Step 2: Creativity

Think through your design. Imagine ways that the colors and shapes can work together to create whatever style you are going for. I imagined something botanical and minimalistic.

Step 3: creating the shapes and gluing them to the paper

Take the paper strips, piece by piece, and roll and mold them into whatever shapes you are looking for. Then, glue them into place.

Twirl the slotted tool with the paper on it until the paper is the desired density, then let it expand to desired circumference and glue in place.
I had the image of a peony in mind when creating pieces for the flower.

Step 4: Perfect it until you get the desired outcome

Botanical minimalism by yours truly, Jessie Bryson.

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