Mitchel Mills Engineering Portfolio. period 4 table 1

This is the portfolio of my journey on building our tennis ball cannon and base. On the first day we got started on designing our cannon bracketing, we reinvented our bracket (V.1.0 it was not wide enough to fit the cannon barrel. Bracket V.2 it was too short to each each barrel without flexing the barrel .Out final version we went to was V.3 where it fit around the barrel and was long enough.) till we came out with our final product. Designing the base took us weeks until we created a design we all agreed on.

First part of cannon base section. after prototyping several time we came up with out "L" brackets to support the barrel
You can see all the different assemblies, copies, and designs of all the different integrations of our cannon base
This is what we decided the bottom section on of base would work like. we choose to put slots in the bottom of the base and made tabs on the "L" bracket to fit in place.
Finally assembled our base and made our mounting permanent. We came so far along from out basic bracket design to our full base design and making it a reality.
We had so many good times while building out tennis ball cannon and i'm really proud of the turn out , we Put a lot of work into out creations and we got out what we put in.
This is a spread sheet of how far our cannon fired at three different angles we had set up. We fired all shots at 75psi from the same location.

We created a tennis ball cannon to move vertical and horizontal dimensions, we made our cannon out of press board, it took us weeks of developing ideas and failure that in the last 2 weeks of cutting out of the shop bot we came up with our final product. During the durations on this project our group has grown closer as friends and as teammates, in the beginning of this project we had troubles with creating ideas because we would bask heads about whose idea is better. But as we continued through out journey we became closer and instead of butting heads we put our ideas together and created out tennis ball cannon. I'm very proud of what came out of our hard work and countless times we had to re-design out brackets to get it to work with our designs. But overall i'm proud of what we accomplished in this project.

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