Ice Warrior Training Preparation for Extreme expeditions

If you are thinking of immersing yourself in Mother Nature's extreme environments then preparation is all important; it will help you to really get the most out of the experience and may even save your life.

Our comprehensive expedition training programme gives you ALL the skills necessary to venture into the extreme environments of the world.

The programme starts with Expedition Core Skills - providing all the technical skills and some of the know-how before you get cold and goes on to the Basic and Advanced Polar Training and finally a Training Expedition.

And if you want to test yourself to see if you are suitable before committing to training then we have a Selection Weekend you can attend.

You’ll find, no matter where you are in terms of skills development, there is a place for you within the programme and we measure and record your development throughout, so whether you’re heading towards an Ice Warrior flagship expedition or considering your own expedition you can join us at any stage.

Immersion Training In Norway

Expedition Core Skills Training 27th February to 8th March 2018 £1200 - Polar Training - 12-19 March 2018 - £1550 and 2-9 April 2018 - £2000 including accommodation, meals, team equipment, instruction and access to IWS discounted kit

Ice Warrior has three bases for training. YHA Dartmoor, Bellever, Devon in U.K. - Resolute Bay, High Arctic Canada - Longyearbyen, Svalbard Norway - just 800 miles from the North Pole. Due to current access costs we are using our Svalbard base for both Basic and Advanced Polar Training.

Ice Warrior's High Latitude Polar Training Bases
Polar Training in our bases in Svalbard, Norway and Resolute Bay, Canada
Training near Cornwallis Island, Canadian High Arctic

Please contact

Jim McNeill with any questions:

+44(0)777 565 1471

or email jim@ice-warrior.com

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