New Kids on the Block New pigs are born in the agriculture department at paoli high school

(Top photo) The team waits for the mother pig to have more babies. Present on January 20th when the newest set of piglets was born was, from left to right, Paoli student Jalyn Engleking, Ryan Engleking, Throop Elementary student Keely Scott, Paoli graduate Jaclyn Love (former Thomas), Debbie Woolston, Clark Love, Paoli student Logan Love, Paoli graduate Tyler Love, and Agriculture teacher and mentor Kyle Woolston.

The first two pigs to survive feed feverishly while the team waits for more piglets to be born.
(Top Left) Equipment stands by while the mother pig is in labor. There was a new, sterile set of droppers for each piglet. (Top Right) Senior Logan Love's hand are covered in blood after he checks on the state of his pig's birth canal. (Bottom Left) Each pig is documented when born. The first three piglets were digitally recorded, but when all phones died paper came to the rescue. (Bottom Right) Agricultural teacher and mentor Kyle Woolston prepares a syringe of oxytocin, a stimulant for the mother pig to increase her contractions and speed up the birthing process for the betterment of the piglets
Paoli students Logan Love and Jalyn Engleking wait with Ryan Engleking while Paoli graduate Jaclyn Love examines the mother pig.
(Top) Pig number four is born! This gilt was born at 9:13 pm and was the third piglet to survive. (Left) Paoli senior Logan Love aides the new piglet in finding a place to feed. (Right Top) The new piglet is rubbed clean of afterbirth. (Right Bottom) Piglet number four struggles to adjust and move around while trying to find a place to feed like its siblings.
Paoli student Jalyn Engleking watches as new piglets are born
Mother pig rests after birthing the piglets.

All photos and captions by senior Lily Thompson.

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