THE ART OF IDEAS AND INNOVATION workshops for Educators

2017-18 Literacy Learning Workshops

December 2, January 27, and February 10

Greenacres Arts Center

Featuring Michael J. Rosen & Will Hillenbrand, Children's Book Creators

Learn to make each stage of the creative process gratifying for students—from mining for ideas and molding the content to creating an illustrated piece of writing that will be compiled into a group anthology.

What’s more, extend the experience by publishing the content using contemporary formats and media. The workshops will deepen your knowledge and understanding of the arts, help build and strengthen children's artistic and visual literacy skills, and serve as models that you can apply in any classroom setting.

These three workshop are sequentially designed to generate, develop, and present a finished product. As such, maximum benefit—as well as course credit—is attained with participation in the series.

Each workshop can be taken individually or as the series

Ashland graduate credits available.

Greenacres is dedicated to bringing classroom lessons to life through hands-on educational programs.

Learn techniques that will help you:

  • Acquire tools that will build creativity within your students.
  • Discover the similarities of the writing and illustration processes.
  • Attain a clear, replicable model that showcases the stages of writing and illustration.
  • Learn format and technology options that your students can use to share finished works.
  • Inspire your students with the power of STEAM.

Michael J. Rosen

Writer. Illustrator. Editor. Ceramic Artist. Over the span of his career, Michael J. Rosen has been credited with creating over 130 picture books, middle-grade and young adult novels, collections and anthologies, cookbooks and sideline items such as boxed greeting cards. His philanthropic efforts have sought an end to childhood hunger and offered support to animal welfare agencies. Among reader favorites is Elijah's Angel: A Story for Chanukah and Christmas which received a 1993 National Jewish Book Award for best children's picture book. Readers of all ages will discover much of interest at

Will Hillenbrand

WILL is a celebrated author and illustrator whose published works include over sixty books for young readers. In addition to his own self-illustrated titles, he has illustrated the works of writers and retellers including Verna Aardema, Judy Sierra, Margery Cuyler, Judith St. George, Phyllis Root, Jane Yolen, Karma Wilson, Maureen Wright, Daniel Pinkwater, Olivier Dunrea, Eve Bunting and Jane Hillenbrand. In his work, Will uses a combination of traditional drawing methods and direct impression media to create his magical illustrations.

Will has lived almost all of his life in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he grew up as the youngest of four boys. He now lives in Terrace Park, Ohio. Will is the first Illustrator and Author Residence at Kent State University, Kent, Ohio. Additionally, Will is a charter member of the Greenacres Artist Guild. Information about his books, selected readings, art process videos and activity ideas can be viewed at

Registration fee: $35 for per session, $90 for the Series

Greenacres Arts Center, 8400 Blome Rd

Cincinnati, OH 45243

(513) 891-4227

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Will Hillenbrand

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