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My name is Airin Valdez, and I am 17 years old. I am a senior at Alliance Ted K. Tajima High School. I have lived in Westlake near Downtown Los Angeles my whole life. I am a very determined, passionate, and hardworking person. I always like to strive to do my best in anything I do. I aspire to go to a liberal arts college to further my education and hopefully, become a professional in the political field. I love capturing different moments with friends, family, and even strangers to capture important moments. Some of my favorite photography styles include portraits, photojournalism, and product photography. Photography is a way I am able to express myself and my ideas that are sometimes hard to put into words. Capturing a photo can help me reveal a powerful story or message I want to communicate with others in a more engaging way. Las Fotos Project has helped me express myself better and expand my creativity. I now see that there are no limits to what I can do, and I want to keep on telling important stories and narratives that are not always at the forefront.

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Airin Brittany Valdez