FBI Profiling how can this make the police force more efficient?

Everyone wants crime in this country to stop. Statistics show that just in November, there were 500,000 crimes committed in the USA alone. These studies also showed that 1/3 of crimes committed are unsolved. How can this change for the better? The police forces just aren't strong enough for solving crimes and mystery's. But, FBI profilers are. If every police officer or even just detective had a basic understanding and knowledge of profiling killers, crime would be easier to stop.

Profiling has been very successful in the past. For example in Louisiana in 2006, there were killings for months straight. It took 6 kills for the police to realize each person killed was a black boy from 15 to 17 years old. They then called in a profiler who analyzed the information such as the crime scene, and previous information of all the victims to make a profile of what the unsub is like, why they have committed the crimes, and possible suspects that could be the killer. From this, the police officers easily found the killer which would have been much harder to do without the help of a profiler.

FBI profilers use a repeated process to solve the mystery. To start, they review the crime and every bit of information from the victims possible. Every bit of information, from their spouse to their job to their financial stance and how they fit in to society. They then go to crime scenes and gather every bit of evidence possible. This includes DNA, finger and shoe prints, blood stains, and if the killer left a "message". Next, they go through the crime scene brainstorming possible scenarios that could've happened with the evidence gathered from the scene to help. This is also when they review autopsy reports to see where the victim was stabbed/shot to gather more information. All this information is taken in, analyzed. They then make their final profile.

Questions like, Antecedent: What fantasy or plan, or both, did the murderer have in place before the act? What triggered the murderer to act some days and not others?Method and manner: What type of victim or victims did the murderer select? What was the method and manner of murder: shooting, stabbing, strangulation or something else? Body disposal: Did the murder and body disposal take place all at one scene, or multiple scenes? Post offense behavior: Is the murderer trying to inject himself into the investigation by reacting to media reports or contacting investigators? This is when all the pieces come together and they tell you that they're looking for a male likely to be in his early 30's. They tell you why he killed, and how to approach him if you think you see someone that matches his description.

To conclude, profiling has proved to be more efficient. With officers and detectives having a basic understanding of profiling, crimes can be solved faster and better.


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