Otzi the Iceman: Murder Mystery By Bhavjot brar, 7a

Who is Otzi

Otzi also known as The Iceman was a prehistoric man found in the Mountain range of Austria and Italy border . His age was around 40 years old when he was alive . He was found in 1991 by hikers. Otzi was probably a shepard with the evidence given. A shepard is a person who herds sheep. The Iceman lived in a village . He lived close to Umhausen that is not that far away from the discovery site.

While recovering Otzi there were few problems. One of the problems was the left hip was damaged because of the melting water . The perfectly preserved body started to come out of the ice and began to decompose. Another problem was that his location was hard to find because it was in the mountains. It was hard to land the helicopter. The helicopter would take the mummy to the museum to be examined. Otzi remained in contact because his body was preserved in the ice. The ice did not let the body decompose . the Iceman lived around 5300 b.c. . We know this because of the tools and artifacts he had they were dated to that time. Also Carbon dating show that he had lived around 5000 years ago. Carbon dating is the C-14 left when a organism dies . We can date it because when a organism stops living it stops taking in new carbon . Then we can calculate when the organism lived . Otzi is special because he is the best preserved mummy in history but he is not the oldest mummy . Otzi died because he was injured from wounds and got blood loss. From the blood loss he got dehydrated and then he died. There are few theory for how he died . The Iceman's axe is very important. This axe is one of the oldest artifacts that show how people lived a long time ago. It also shows what tools and weapons that they had in the copper age.

Theory's Of Otzi The Iceman's death

One of the theory for Iceman's death was that Otzi was stabbed while trying to defend himself. Scientist think this because while they were examining his body, they found wounds which looked like he was stabbed . The wounds were in his right hand and wrist also in his back. The second theory was that he got in a fight before he had his death . Scientist think this because they have found wounds which look like they came from combat. There was a flint arrowhead in the back of this mummy. The third theory is that he was a sacrifice to the gods. Scientist think this because the artifacts he had were sacred. Also the location where the had found him was in the high areas of the mountains . On high peaks was where mountain cultures would give offerings to god. In prehistoric Europe mountain worship was important . This might be the same deal with Otzi. The fourth theory is that he died from hypothermia or because of the cold temperature. The weather where he was located was frozen . This means that before it could have been even colder to make him frozen for that much time. Also one video we watched in class was that his shoes let the snow come in and freeze his feet. This could cause his body to lower its ability to heat it self then he could of got sick and died.

In my investigation I came up with the following decision of how Otzi may have died . I think that Otzi was stabbed while trying to defend himself . I think this because Otzi was examined by scientists and then wounds were found on his body. Most of the wounds were on the right hand and wrist . There was one on his back which shows he was attacked from behind. On his right hand, there were wounds which show he was stabbed on the right hand. This theory has a lot of proof and evidence to support it. I think after he was stabbed he started to loss blood. Eventually, his body started to dehydrate and cause his body to die faster.

What Otzi looked like when he was a live
Tattoo on his knee
picture of otzi lower body
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