Agricultural Revolutions

The first agricultural revolution started over 10,000 years ago with the domestication of animals and the planting of selected foods. This had its advantages and disadvantages. Some of the advantages was a stable flow of food and nutrients, we were able to eat when we wanted to instead of having to hunt and follow the animals we used for food and only eat when we had the food from whatever animal we had last killed. Some disadvantages of farming are, you are pinned down by your farm's location. For the first time the land was being tiled and farmed and depleted of its nutrients. We didn't know the science of farming yet so the life of a farm couldn't have lasted very long before people had to move locations to make a new farm.

Agricultural revolution number 2.

The second revolution happened in western europe with the industrialization of farming, using tools such has the plow, horse collar and the seed drill. The advantages of this revolution consisted of much faster planting. and easier to harvest and till the land each year. The disadvantages were all connected to erosion. With faster planting, farmers bought more land. With more land to farm the farmers tiled more and caused the soil to deplete its nutrients faster. And during this time our understanding of nutrients was much better than before so some farmers would rotate the crops the planted from year to year. This gave the soil a chance to replenish its nutrients.

Agricultural revolution 3

The third revolution had the most advantages and the most disadvantages. Some of the advantages of the third revolution are mechanization which is the use of large tractors and seed cleaners. This gave farmers a massive boost in productivity and let them buy land on massive scales. The new tractors let farmers farm up to 428 acres of land at one time. This lead to massive erosion. Another advantage is scientific advancement. This produced seeds that were resistant to pesticides. But also lead to a surge of GMO's


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