A CRUISE AROUND THE WORLD by poncho mendoza

How everything begins

It all began on September 9, 2013. I had no idea what I was doing. I travelled all the way from Mexico to Venice, Rome and stayed in the Courtyard by Marriot Venice Airport Hotel, I tried to go to sleep without thinking about the next day.

And the morning arrived, I was ready at 5:30 am, luggage next to the door and ready for whatever was coming. During the bus drive I was looking thru the windows trying to find the ship, this remind me of the game my grandfather and I used to do that was whoever sees the ocean for the first time wins while we were driving to the beach during family vacations.

I got off the shuttle bus and gathered my luggage, followed everyone into the terminal. I was the last one in the line because I had no idea what I was doing, no idea where to go or what was next. Handed my papers to the officers and tried to sign my contract with a shaky hand.

And then, the moment I stepped out of the terminal to board the ship… my eyes couldn’t believe it, I stood looking at the ship a few minutes… a new chapter in my life was about to begin and I didn’t know what to expect from it. In this moment a had a lot of feelings running thru my mind, homesick? Nervous? Excited? Scared? I don’t know! I wanted it to start but at the same time I wanted it to stop and go back home. This was the first time I asked myself “What the hell are you doing here? Are you sure you wanna do this?” I could feel the blood running thru my veins, my head was thinking so many things at the same thing that all of a sudden I forgot I was being asked if I had my medical papers ready.

So here I am, about to give my first step into the ship. “Is it gonna move like the little boats once I put my feet on it? Am I gonna get seasick?” I told you, I had no idea what to expect, but the moment my feet touched the gangway all fears where gone, I started looking around, the first thing I saw was a big yellow smiley face painted in the entrance of the gangway, I think that helped me a lot because I did smile.

September 22, 2013. My first voyage around the mediterranean finishes, but the beginning of another was about to start. (Legend of the Seas is the one in the middle facing down, next to the dark-grey terminal)
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