Superego vs. Id

As a young child I was very well behaved, always doing what I was told and always doing the right thing. My superego is clearly shown in the top photo where I was completely harmless and innocent.

However, after I hit a certain age my id started to control the decisions I was making. Entering a more rebellious stage in my life, completely influenced by my teenage sisters at the time as well as my idol Avril Lavigne. (Seen in the bottom two pictures).

Dream Analysis

Some of you may be familiar with one of my favorite childhood movies Shark Boy and Lava Girl. The video below shows a scene from when the main character Max finds out his dream journal has been stolen. A method that allows you to look into someone's unconscious mind is dream analysis, which is when someone reports and writes down their dreams. Perhaps this is what the movie director intended for us to see, Max's unconscious mind when his dreams that he wrote down come to life. (Watch until 1:00).

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