Mr. Silk BY: Macy fuller

Mr. Silk is a 6th grade science teacher at Van Cleve. He chose to become a teacher because middle school is a pivotal time in a child's life and he wants to make a positive impact.
The major tasks of Mr. Silks position is teaching students and being responsible for all of the students learning what they need to learn. Him and his staff members work as a team. Mrs. Thokey, an intervention specialist also helps him with reaching his students. He has mandated requirements by the state to teach standards and are accountable to Troy City Schools to implicate them.
Mr. Silk attended Wright State University and has his master's for middle childhood science and language arts. He thinks you need to be approachable, loving, caring, and respectful to be successful as a teacher.
Interpersonal skills that he finds are most important is self-reflection to self-evaluate not only instruction but student interaction. He learned to simplify concepts in college so they can be taught to middle school students.
What he wishes he knew before he entered the teaching profession was some of the politics outside of the classroom. To become a licensed teacher, you have to be certified to teach with at least a bachelor's degree in education and then you have to get your license from the state.
Other jobs you can do with the same skills could be a nurse, a mom, a dad, a coach, a janitor, a counselor, a principal, a secretary, a cheerleader, or a prison warden.
The general salary range for teaching normally starts around 38,000 and builds up over time to around 80,000. Financial benefits of teaching include good retirement, good health insurance, and you get paid in time.
Being a teacher affects Mr. Silk's family/personal life because it helps him become a better person holistically. He gets to see 100 different cultures everyday. His greatest satisfaction as a teacher is watching students grow. He would change nothing about his job.
The biggest challenge Mr. Silk faces as a teacher is that he has to have 100 different brains that he has to teach everyday. His advice for someone interested in teaching is to keep the main thing the main thing, and that is teaching kids. Don't let curriculum and the government get in the way of that.


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