Hammerhead Shark Mackenzie Schaefer and Camryn preston

Behaviors and Adaptations

1: Hammerhead sharks swim in schools during the daylight hours. These schools can have up to 100 members in them. It is believed they spend time together during the day for protection but also that they enjoy socializing to some degree as well.

2: At night time though they go to find food and they do that on their own.

3: They have a head that is wide like the head of a hammer and then the long handle as it goes back to the rest of the body. This shape is called cephalofoil. It allows for them to have excellent sensory receptors, to easily manipulate their prey, and for them to move around in the water with ease.

4: They have a white belly so that they can easily sneak up on their prey in the water.

5: Hammerhead sharks have a 360 degree vision so that they can see above and below them in the water at the same time. This helps them see their predators and hunt for their food.

Human Interaction

1. Their are 9 known species of hammerhead sharks, only 3 are known to be dangerous to humans; scalloped, great, and smooth hammerheads.

2. Often fishes fish hammerheads for their fins, which are very expensive sold in Asia. This is known as finning which is lethal to the sharks.

3. Many scientist study them and try to prevent them being an endangered species. The scalloped and great hammerheads are already endangered.

4. Hammerheads are in captivity also at several facilities including Atlantis paradise island resort, Adventure Aquarium, and Georgia Aquarium.

"Fish are friends not food"


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