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Digital journalism. Breaking news. Webb editing. Social media. Editorial projects. Digital strategies. Analytics. Logistics.
UX-copywriting and User-Centered design. Ideation. Journey mapping. Usability. Webdevelopment, from the interaction designer perspective.
Photos. Video. Motion graphics. Multimedia. Immersive journalism.

Personal life

Music, family and friends, longreads and film (with a special faiblesse for Nollywood and Bollywood movies). Those specifics pretty much covers my personal interests. With an emphasis on music and family.

But ah, wait! Add travel adventures, excursions along a beautiful coastline or in the mountains, being able to make the world a better place to live in, plus a good evening out dining, discussing and having fun with friends. Now we're done! :)

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CV & References

Swedish National Radio, 2015-2016

.:: Most recent media assignment. Ekot, News Editorial of the Swedish National Radio, Sveriges Radio. April 2015 – November 2016. Webeditor. Intake. Social Media Manager. Producer and supervisor of broadcast and reporting at Ekot Live's News Desk (Breaking news streamed over the web, sometimes live on the FM depending of the dignity of the news). Push notices. Sounds, video and text on the Web and in Social Media. International and National News Watch.

Before working at Ekot, I worked for many years as a freelance and fill-in at the biggest editorials: DN, SvD, DI, Aftonbladet, TV4, SVT, Metro, SAFtidningen Näringsliv, Invandrartidningen Sesam, Gotlands Tidningar – as well as freelancing for magazines, childrens magazines, union papers, and local national radio stations in Gotland, Malmo, Vasteras and Stockholm.

Reference: Augustin Erba, f. Editor in Chief at the central Newsroom of Ekot, the Swedish National Radio (SR). Now: Editor in Chief for Podcasts at DN, tel: +46 8 738 10 00
Bonnier Broadcasting AB, 2017-2018

Most recent assignments with development teams: Contracts that made me part of the UX-team at Bonnier Broadcasting AB from September 2017, working with UX-copy and design for TV4 Play (AVOD*) and C More (SVOD**) and their web and apps. The scope contained working closely together with the marketing team and analysts, as well as with the product owners and developer teams for the iOS-app, the Android-app, Samsung TV and Web. *AVOD, advertisement based video on demand. **SVOD, subscribed video on demand. A third type, TVOD, where customers pay per view, through renting or buying movies is also represented at C More, for sports events.

During this period I managed a cross-platform tonality project, involving all departments, and put together a library with guides, phrases and links for everyone including developers, to use when a UX-writer is not available. I worked in four different languages managing Swedish and English copy, getting basic help with translating Danish and Norwegian copy, then being responsible for editing all languages.

Reference: Carl Bonnier, f. Chief of Product at Bonnier Broadcasting AB, now Director, Corporate Development, M&A, Bonnier AB. Tel: +46 8 736 40 00
Attention, 2018-2019

Latest assignment: Digital Development Editor, Webmaster and Social Media Manager at Riksforbundet Attention, an organization with around 15000 members and an informative website with almost one million individual page hits every year and thousands of unique visitors every day. Attention's goal is to secure better conditions for people living with NPF, Neuropsychiatric disabilities.

My primary task at Attention has been to develop and manage the organization's digital platforms. I have updated information on pages, written news pieces, managed the Facebook page and revived Instagram, trying to drive traffic to the main page, nudging users into becoming paying members. In order to fulfil the key business objective ”converting visitors into members” I have produced texts, explainers, photo, video and motion graphics. I’ve also been mapping user journeys, user behavior and user profiles through Google Analytics, available tools on FB and a recent pop-up survey, made with the aim to understand the users' needs and goals. Statistics and survey has been followed up by adapting webpages with more links, as well as adapting page designs more to the "mobile first" concept, since almost 70% of the visitors use mobile phones or mediapads.

A good credit to my work, I believe, has been an increased traffic and engagement via social platforms (2000 more likes on the Facebook page, on it’s way to 22000 followers, in less than six months), longer stays, more reading on the website and more returning visitors.

Reference: Cecilia Backentorn, Communications Team Manager WiTh Attention, Tel: +46 73 719 99 85
.:: Languages

Swedish (mothertongue). English (family language). French (family language). Danish (family language). German. Spanish. Wolof (family language). Arabic (can read, write and edit). Persian (basic level, can read, write and edit).

.:: Digital tools

Office 365 (Word, Excel, PP, Outlook, Teams, OneNote and more).

Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, ProTools, Premiere Pro, Premiere Rush, Spark, Adobe XD, Dreamweaver and more). Editing photos, sound and video for webb and social media. Readymaking for printed matters.

Sketch, Zeplin, InVision, Figma, Flinto, Balsamiq. Phraseapp, Confluence, Jira, Atlassian, GitHub, Atom, and more.

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Personal letter

Hello! Great that you're interested in knowing more about me! I will give you a quick snapshot of myself as a professional, with strengths and weak points.

I started out as a Graphic Designer, worked with printed matters, transferred to Desktop Publishing and started working with newspapers and radio, became an experienced journalist with technical skills, held responsability for network and program environment at one editorial, worked with the whole Adobe CC-suite, and gravitated towards curating, editing and creating digital content, finally landing in UX writing, working on cross-platform tonality, user research and microcopy.

As an editor I’ve been designing webpages, producing and publishing text, photo, video, explainers, motion graphics and social media posts, as well as laying out strategies, measuring impact, researching audience statistics and behaviors in real time, making adjustments to front pages and headlines depending on the outcome.

Working with websites I have gained in-depth knowledge on how to manage domains, server setups, and updates via repositories on GitHub and Bitbucket or ftp. I have worked extensively with the Wordpress CMS, and html, including adjustments and additions in PHP, CSS or JS, but also in other content management systems: Django (python), Episerver, Drupal, and in-house built systems at the Swedish National Radio, TV4, SVT, Dagens Industri, Svenska Dagbladet and Dagens Nyheter. None have been too difficult to learn and start using quickly.

Working for the UX-team at Bonnier Broadcasting AB* I focused on cross-platform tonality and microcopy in four different langauges, on everything between CTA-buttons and longer texts, inside streaming-apps and on the web. I took part in ideating phrases to be used in userflows, as guides in user interfaces, and in personalisation and put them in a documemt o be used by others. Always working in close cooperation with developers of webb and apps (iOS, Android, Samsung TV). Before my assignment ended I made sure to secure a webbased supply of links, tonality guides, copy samples, and update notice samples for developers, to use when no UX-writer is available. *Bonnier Broadcasting AB offers and develops services for TV4 Play, an AVOD service (advertisement based video on demand) and C More, a SVOD (subscription based video on demand).

During many intense development meetings with marketing departments and expert analysts, I have developed my knowledge about business essentials like KPI, ROI, a/b-testing and conversion, and I have been deeply involved in discussions on how to keep the user oriented perspective, while at the same time living up to the marketing demands.

My biggest challenge is not having an advanced university degree in marketing, analytics, softwaretesting or UX. To compensate for this I have taken a course in Usability and Usercentered design/UX through Informator (2018), an intensive course in Google Analytics through Resumé (2018), plus a range of shorter classes at Google Digital Academy in Stockholm (2018), as well as online classes in CSS and .JS through Codecademy. I am also regularly taking online classes through LinkedIn, Udemy and Skillshare, as well as updating myself daily on Tech News, UX-writing, CX and marketing, through newsletters, magazines, networks and meet-ups.

My wide range of work and life experiences and my studies in both Sociology and Law have given me a lot of basic knowledge that I can use and apply in my role as a professional. Expanding my knowledge further in all these areas is my ambition. Right now I'm dedicated to learn more about AI, voice design, voice searches and UX-tools and methods, starting with training on strategies/impact mapping, research and interaction design/wireframing.

If you need a friendly and mature team member, a quick learner with excellent social and professional skills, a wide scope of experiences and ability to swiftly adapt into the customer's work environment both technically and socially, give me a call! I would love to meet and greet.

For now, check out my Linkedin: or my online portfolio in Swedish with more work samples and photos.

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Video for Social Media and Web

A short film for Facebook and Instagram, promoting content on the main web page for Attention.

A short film, used as an introduction / start screen for a sports an leisure page made by Attention.

UX-centered work portfolio

Most of my work samples are written in Swedish. Like the following two, where the text to the right was modified to better mirror an empathy for the user. When you arrive to a new place in the app, as a user you won't feel good about being told you cannot enjoy the content. So, with empathy for the user, the text was changed in several iterations and given a new headline: "Välkommen till sporten" (Welcome to the sports), and the red CTA-button was given another text "Utforska" (Explore).

The pop over to the left has been iterated in several versions and finally landed in a tone of voice which is a bit tongue in cheek, relaxed and friendly. The headline "Attans! Något gick fel..." (Darn! or Dang! Something went wrong...) is jokingly expressing that we're sorry it didn't workout.

On the GDPR-site for Bonnier Broadcasting AB, TV4 Play and C More, there are four version of copytext, in Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and English.

Norwegian copy.

Danish copy.

Finally just giving you another example of microcopy before some more screenshots with copy in english. Creating a sign-up form might seem to be a simple task, but it's definitely not.

OK, so now finally introducing some longer pieces of copy in english, for the GDPR-portal at Bonnier Broadcasting.

Trying to explain complex matters, on GDPR, in short text.

More references and samples on demand

.:: You will also find me at  Linked In, Twitter and Digiteach.se

Collectors items

Jewellery picked up during travels in the West African Sahelregion.

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