Boston Aquarium... By: Bryan

The aquarium is a place were you ca walk around and see all sorts of wild life from around the world. And you can also learn about your favorite sea wildlife.

These would be some of the creatures that you could see will walking around there. They have so many more there is not enough space.

These are some of the architectures and parts of the building able to be seen. And as you can see that there are cool looking designs in the Boston area.

There is also a seal show that happens there every day in the summer and you can see the training and the life styles of a seal. What they eat and how friendly they are.

And as you can see there are a few different types of sharks and stingrays that they have there and they even have and area that you can pet the baby sharks and stingrays. But know need to worry the stingrays don't have there stinger and the sharks don't bite. For safety reasons.

Thank you guys and good bye.


Created with images by sapienssolutions - "New England Aquarium & MFA - Boston" • Dr.Browns Rx - "Steve" • sporst - "Fish at Boston Aquarium" • sapienssolutions - "New England Aquarium & MFA - Boston" • sapienssolutions - "Boston Aquarium" • Clara S. - "Clown Fish, Boston Aquarium" • Massachusetts Dept. of Environmental Protection - "IMG_0137" • - "IMG_8822 - Last Light" • Anas Qtiesh - "Aquarium-38" • Lizard10979 - "untitled image" • - "IMG_8813 - Reluctant harbor Seal" • Anas Qtiesh - "Aquarium-8" • Lizard10979 - "DSC_0738" • sporst - "Shark and Ray Petting Tank at Boston Aquarium" • sporst - "Shark and Ray Petting Tank at Boston Aquarium" • kthypryn - "Boston sites" • massmatt - "Shark"

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