N.A.S.A NAtional academic school of America

By: Abby Rodriguez, Nelly Navarro, Amanda Guerra, and Sebastian Segura

OUR GOAL: To educate and provide job opportunities for the homeless of america

Our mission is to educate the homeless to get them the schooling they need to progress their lives and get them out of the streets for good. The way our company works is we hire our teachers and they take a journey through the streets of Chicago on a NASA school bus. The bus picks up the homeless whom have signed up for this program and they give them an education on the go. Eventually we hope to expand from Chicago to every big city in America. "As bad as it is for the 44% of homeless people who have (unsteady) jobs and can't escape homelessness, climbing out of homelessness is virtually impossible for those without a job" (Employment and Homelessness 1). Our company flows in such a way that we strive to one day hire the homeless to run the company. They may become our drivers or staff members which will help the homeless get the job experience they need to progress and improve their lives as much as possible.

"125,848 Chicagoans were homeless during the 2014-15 school year because they could not afford to go to school" (Education of Homeless Children and Youth 1 ). Homeless people have little to no direction in their life and if homeless people want to fix their lives they need to get an education in order to get a steady job. Having this bus will give homeless people the opportunity to escape their unfortunate situation.

Our solution to help homelessness is to provide a system of education for them. We will have a bus that picks them and we will have tutors/teachers that will educate them. The bus will teach the basic learning that are needed in order to get an everyday job. "Homeless children and youth are enrolled in school, only 77% attend school regularly while 87%" (Chicago Homeless 1 ). Starting from a young age children don't have education so when they grow up it is harder to find jobs .


One of our sponsors is the famous Chance the Rapper. He grew up in Chicago and he decided to give back. So, he has donated about $1 million dollars to our organization to provide education for the homeless.

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