Good Bye Worldview We will miss you!

All books, at one time or another, are outdated and replaced with the newest more modern titles. However, since we are the very last class to take Level 12 using Worldview 4, we thought we would share our thoughts about this amazing book series!

We loved the stories!

The units were captivating to say the very least!

Farah Abed explaining her favorite unit. Unit 19 "Turning Points"
Nour Abdou explaining her favorite unit. Unit 13 "Going it Alone"
Amre Hijazi explaining his favorite unit. Unit 12 "Coincidences"
Yousef Al Massi explaining his favorite unit. Unit 16 "A Star is Born or Made"
Walaa explaining her favorite unit. Unit 10 "Tomorrow's World"
Nour Lubbad explaining her favorite unit. Unit 3 "What's Cooking"

Loved this class!

It doesn't get any better than this!

Great Times!

Nour says, "AMIDEAST is a Win / Win Situation"
Farah with some incredible "Light Hip Hop"
Nour Lubbad explaining her AMIDEAST experience!
Yousef says AMIDEAST has a friendly environment!
Amre says, "AMIDEAST has helped me with my goals"
Ahmed wants to thank AMIDEAST teachers for all of their Special Gifts!

You guys are unforgettable!

Amazingly Talented!

My Guys!

Nour your dress is amazing!

Moments in Class!
A message from your teacher!
Without a doubt, you were one of the best classes ever! I will remember each and everyone of you forever and always. My wish for you all is that all of your dreams come true!
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