The United Nations by: billy bender

The United Nations was created to promote international cooperation. It was made as a replacement for the failed league of nations to promote peace after the 2 world wars.

Before the united nations there was another organization that was called the league of nations. the league of nations was created right after world war 1 with the same intentions as the United Nations but failed because not as many people believed in the system and even though the league was a thing soon after it was developed world war 2 broke out.

the United Nations headquarters is located in Manhattan New York. At the headquarters all of the countries apart of the united nations meet to discuss topics so that the nations can keep peace between eachother

there are 6 parts of the United Nations the general assembly, security council, the economic and social council, trustee council, the international court of justice and the Secretariat. All of these parts work together to keep the united nations working.

the security council is the 5 permanent nations of the united nations. these five countries are China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

the United Nations should not be ended ever. The United Nations has kept us from a world war 3 and has only helped us.

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