Neurologist Aliyaan Killedar

My career choice as of now would be to be a neurologist. I chose this career because I know someone who's father is a neurologist and I know for a fact that he has a Maserati GranTurismo which is a car that costs up to $200,000. I chose this career also because my parents always say that I would make a great doctor and they want me to be a doctor so I chose a kind of doctor that interests me which is a neurologist. The last reason I chose this career is because it interests me in such a way that I would want to go to school to learn about it.

Some cool facts about a neurologist/neurology: Neurology deals with the nervous system which includes you brain, spinal cord and a whole network of nerves that make electrical connections all over your body.

Some short-term things that I can do to reach my career is always keep my grades up and make sure I take classes about medicine in high school. Some long-term things that I can do to reach my goal is to make sure to always do good in college and always study so I can get good grades and become a neurologist.

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