Florida Museum of Natural History By: Luke vescovi

Nature on Display

Photograph includes Luke Vescovi

After exploring the exhibits throughout the museum, one that particularly stuck out to me was this wall of all of the assorted butterflies. This wall contained big flies, little flies, hairy flies, fat flies, skinny flies, pretty flies and bland flies right outside of the actual live butterfly exhibit. What intrigued me is the fact that the museum had facts and images of all of the butterflies that can be scene live in person just a few feet away. This display allowed the viewer to get a background and a certain understanding on what they were about to witness before they walked inside. From this I learned that the museum deeply cares about their creatures and tries to ensure the health and safety of every insect, animal and viewer. It can be seen by the following picture that the spectators were able to get up close and personal with these insects and truly have an understanding of the beauty that the museum's butterflies possess.

Photographed by Luke Vescovi

Nature and Ethics

Photographed by Luke Vescovi

Yes, this is me attempting to wash my hands in a fake kitchen display. The museum had a lot of interesting and weird displays of many creatures from around the world. However, I feel that the display that spoke the loudest when it came to admiring the land was this energy display. Here it can be seen all the different ways that humans can resource and rethink the way we run our daily lives. The facts in this kitchen appeal to all ages and can demonstrate how change is coming in the near future. Through this, as well as numerous other displays, I was able to appreciate the beauty of nature, and how humans can restructure the way we obtain energy in oder to conserve this beauty. In addition to this display, the entire museum completely enwrapped the viewer in appealing beauty. From the deep dark shark jaw displays to the bright and happy butterfly hatchings, the museum was able to cover all walks of life giving the viewer an all around inside view on what nature truly has to offer.

Nature and the Human Spirit

Photograph includes Luke Vescovi

The museum offers a chance for people to step outside of their normal comfort zone. It allows for a chance for humans to truly connect to nature and appreciate what beautiful system it truly is. The greatest part about nature is the fact that humans do not know even a fraction of what nature has to offer. From the time that humans lived in huts, such as the one in the photo, up until modern day, humans have been investigating nature constantly. And, the best part is, humans will probably never stop discovering new perks to nature until we go extinct. Therefore, when one visits the museum, it allows for a time to actually stop for a moment and take in the fact that humans are surrounded by this amazing almost factory-like system that connects every single species on this planet. Sometimes, humans today never even bother to look up from their smartphones or tablets to indulge themselves in the beauty of nature; however, when I took the tour at the Florida Museum of Natural History, I was able to get a true sense and understanding of nature and how breath-taking it truly is.

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