September 11

The Twin Towers were tall buildings in New York City on September 11,2001 two planes hit both of the towers and collapsed Thousands of people died that day.

The twin towers were built in 1971 1971 by a man named Minor u Yakima it cost about $900 million.

Inside the twin towers their where many offices inside holding about 50,000 people.

On Tuesday September 11,2001 four terrorist hijacked four planes set to go to four different location.

Two of them went to the twin towers, one crashed in a field in Pennsylvania and the last one hit the Pentagon

After 9/11 they made a memorial for honor the people that died.

on the day of 9/11 we honor the people who died that day by shooting to beans of light in the sky representing the twin towers.

Now they built a tower that's called the freedom tower



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