Florida Museum of Natural History Haitong Ni

1.Nature on Display

When I arrived at the museum, I was surprised. There were some families, and the atmosphere was comfortable. The most appealing exhibit for me is the frog exhibition since it was located at the most obvious position, so it captured my attention. The design of the frog area was colorful and bright, which also appealed me. Through window play, I could see diverse frogs clearly. Besides the windows, there were some electronic boards, listing some information and resources about specific frogs (as shown above). This design successfully helped me to understand the features, for example, how long they can live and how large are they, habitats of frogs when I look at them. Compared to traditional resources, absorbing knowledge and observing objects at the same is more effect to know this creature. Because I could keep in touch and see those alive animals closely, which is better than any other medium. There were plenty of creatures placed in windows, along a hallway, for visitors to look through. I really enjoyed this experience since I could see them one by one.

2. Nature and Ethics

As a member of this big biotic community, I feel like each person is responsible to know what creatures are surrounded us. We are in a big group on the Earth, and loving and respecting each other are really important. When I saw butterflies flapping theirs wings, I could feel the happiness of the life. We were so close to each other and we were supposed to know each other 's life, even they were so tiny. When I saw the wall of "story of frogs", I was impressed. People shared interesting stories between frogs and them, and the museum helped us to build up an invisible connection between human beings and animals. When I was in the museum, others visitors are observing quietly but carefully, and they were happy to accept what they saw, so did I. I am encouraged by those vivid and cute creatures, that are placed in the windows but so close to me. I was excited to expect knowing more about them and even touching them as a friend. I think this is the importance the museum taught us--realizing we are the part of the nature.

3. Nature and the Human Spirit

When I passed by this station, I was attracted by it. Everything was placed orderly and introduced in details. Mostly, I was impressed by researchers' spirits. They are willing to know more about wild life so they explore things by themselves. They go to different places to pick up samples and make experiments. This station allows me know more how scientists work and helps me to understand the importance of step out ordinary life. After reading those scientists' stories, I realized that we are supposed to be curious of creatures in the universe and try to explore new things by ourselves. The museum encourages me to go outside, breath fresh air and discover new things.

Leaving from the museum

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