A New Age By: Chay Sheffield

After the Dark Ages the Italian Renaissance was born. Italy was trying to bring some culture into their cities since they had been taken over several times in the past. They wanted to be unique so they mixed the culture of different countries that had controlled the country.

During the time of the Italian Renaissance many other countries like Italy were competing against each other, hoping they would look better to god and to other countries.

Two of the cities that were a huge part of the Italian Renaissance were Venice and Florence.

Many Buildings like the Colosseum influenced the Roman style buildings of the Renaissance.

This huge cathedral was built in Florence by an renaissance architect named Filippo Brunelleschi. He built these huge domes his whole life. He created a basis for architecture to this day. He was a key contributor to the Italian Renaissance.

To this day and age we still base our buildings off of the Italian Renaissance. The Renaissance architects had to use ideas that would change the world forever.


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