Game of Throws, 2019 Jan. 26 in the Performing Arts Center

Performers Eli March and Scramble James, members of Circus Luminescence, juggle nine pins during the show's finale. According to March, Paly Student Activities Director Matt Hall recruited the pair for Game of Throws following their win at the International Jugglers' Association Stage Championship. "We worked really hard and we feel like we’ve seen the fruits of our labor," March said.
Amy Wieliczka performs tricks with a hula hoop.
Student Activities Director Matt Hall, who organized the event, puts on a tribute performance of an act created by fellow juggler Luke Wilson, who died in 2012. "His [act] was 'Red Blue,' like the sticks were red and blue, but I changed it to green and white for Paly," Hall said. "It was nerve-wracking, but it felt good."
Matan Presberg executes a color-coded act with a variety of colorful juggling balls.
Marvin Ong juggles light-up pins for his routine.
Performer Bri Crabtree prepares to slice apples in mid-air as part of her routine.
Master of Ceremonies Rhys Thomas juggles knives while balancing atop a stack of machetes.
Performers, many of whom Hall knows, bow at the conclusion of the gala. "I’ve been juggling for 22 years, I’ve been with Cirque [du Soleil], been around the world," Hall said. "A lot of them [Game of Throws jugglers] I met performing."

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