Kitchener Waterloo community By Makayla

Kitchener Waterloo is accepting and involved. There is plenty of reasons to why those words best represent K.W community, but for now here's why exactly the peacock is the image that connects with accepting and involved.

Why does accepting and involved connect with the peacock?

Both of these words connect with the peacock because the beautiful bird is wild, rare, and exotic and because of that this community is involved with not only the peacock but the other animals that live at the park too! Kitchener Waterloo is also accepting these animals because, it's not legal to kill, harm, or threaten wild animals for fun or no real reasons. K.W is not the first place to have this as a law but this fact still shows how Kitchener Waterloo is accepting and involved.

How is K.W accepting and involved?

If you look past the wildlife you'll find that Kitchener Waterloo is not only accepting and involved towards the animals but the people as well.

How is K.W accepting

- They treat all races with respect - they support gay marriage and the LGBTQ+ community - They helped and sheltered refuges.

How is K.W involved

- Their involved with different races and nationality's -K.W has events and festivals that involve the community such as: the power of movement an event to beat arthritis by doing yoga! - Canada has won global awards such as the global teacher prize won by Maggie Macdonnel.

That is why Kitchener Waterloo is accepting and involved!

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