The Secret History of Newport Harbor Grayden Blanchard

  • Before the 20th Century, the area now known as Newport Beach was sparsely populated.
  • The initial Newport settlers were composed mostly of ranchers and sea traders.
  • By the 1870s, Captain Samuel S. Dunnells sailed into the bay and established a "new port."
  • Soon after, James McFadden & his brother created a port to exchange grains and other essential supplies.
  • In 1888, McFadden's Wharf (pictured here) is completed, making access for large ships much easier.
  • By 1905, construction for the Red Car line is nearly completed, allowing residents and outsiders easy access to the peninsula.
  • By the end of 1905 the Balboa Pavilion and Pier are nearly completed and the Red Car begins service directly to Balboa.
  • The City of Newport Beach is officially incorporated in 1906.
  • In 1909, the Balboa Island Ferry officially began providing service between Balboa Island and the peninsula.
  • By 1910, the Newport population nearly doubles to 445 residents and port traffic steadily increases.
  • Newport's popularity continues to grow, attracting settlers from all over the world.
  • By 1930, Newport's population has grown to a staggering 2,203 residents.
  • The first highway bridge & Newport Harbor High School open to be used by many people for generations to come.

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