The Effect Language Has on Campaigns and Ads. By Jake Gerwitz

All campaigns despite varying purposes are created using similar structures, as well as through the use of language and persuasive techniques, in order to convince audiences to perform a certain action. A campaign can be a single ad or a series of ads. Campaigns have ads that revolve around a single idea. Within each type of campaign, advertisements follow similar conventions and mediums.

Advertising Campaigns

I think there were many factors in this commercial that make it effective, with celebrity appearances being extremely effective. obviously this ad had to target people who know who Van Damme is.

From simply listing out various useful and entertaining functions of their products, to displaying them in action and showing how they can help others to pulling on the heart strings, the company has done close to everything to promote their products.

The hidden message that the commercial sends the audience is if you purchase ipad air, your life will be full of the "things worth living for" and if you buy this gadget you will too contribute to the master play that is life. They also use a celebrity Robin Williams to capture those who like Robin Williams.

Political Campaign

Obama uses fear, allurement and glittering generalities to prove he was a better candidate than his opponent. The whole video is structured as a problem/ solution ad with the problem being much more to do to get the people back to work and to make the middle class secure.

Charitable Campaign

What makes this ad so effective is it's use of the shock factor because the children are in prisoner attire. It also stated a bias statement that California believes that the future generation will consist of many criminals. It then shows stats about prison development V.S educational facility development. Some stats are: Since 1980 22 prisons have been built and only 1 University, Each year the California spends $9,200 on k-12 students and $62,300 per inmate.

All campaigns serve a purpose, and although the means may be different, the preferred outcome is often the same. Advertising campaigns appeal to audiences; attempt to evoke positive feelings surrounding product and service being sold. Political campaigns demonstrate the strength of a personality/ ideology and show the benefits of a particular one. Charitable campaigns ask viewers to take a certain action related to a cause or controversial idea. They often use emotion and shock as influencing techniques.

Culture and demographic campaign

Campaigners take audience culture and demographics and social relations into account when determining the content in a campaign.

This commercial states that it was released in Japan, if it was released only in Japan, the intended audience wouldn't be the international community but Japanese viewers. The humor in the video was based around depiction and exaggeration of a racial stereotype, an advertising technique that, while controversial is widely used. ANA most likely chose this form of advertisement because it is what appeals to Japanese viewers. In many other East Asian countries, Western people are stereotyped to have blonde hair and long noses and this is recognizable and perhaps funny to their culture.

social campaigns

These choices from McDonald's may look like a good choice because of their low calorie content, the customer may overlook how processed the contents of the burger or chicken are or the additive carbs in the bun or the amount of sodium that's in the meat itself. McDonald's seems to be using language in their campaign to disguise the problem by placing appealing images and colorful texts to emphasize the lack of calories in several of their products. Repetition and emphasis of the term "premium" in front of several products, "premium grilled chicken sandwich", "premium southwest salad", etc. They use the language of social culture which plays on the people who want to have premium/gourmet food products. McDonald's has been clever to disguise many of their products as healthy due to their low calorie content, which compels many health conscious consumers to visit their restaurants again.


The intended audience of the campaign plays a large role in the creation of the content. The campaigner has to account for people outside or target market and use language to persuade them to support that campaign. Culture and demographic play large roles in the language and creation of the campaign. Audiences care about the social relations of a campaign so emphasizing the social relations and using language they know and understand in their campaign it can be highly beneficial.

Any questions?


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