Girls of the Garden Club By Cate Huse

Stencil used to paint the walls
A play would be nothing without the set. Techies worked hard to prepare the background using stencils and paint.
The set of Girls of the Garden Club
The end result of the set was gorgeous making the living room of an obsessive gardener come to life.
View from the stage
Flower power is real. While watching the play you see the stage is covered with vibrant plants. The characters are enthusiastic and comedic they also have every flower imaginable.
Thomas who plays Vincent starting the show
Mercy may be an all girls school but thanks to Prep and Mount Michael our productions can have boys. Thomas plays the silent role of Vincent, the main characters Rhoda’s husband who dislikes gardening.
The Gardening Club having a meeting
Rhoda just want a greenhouse, in order to get one she plots and schemes with her friends in order to become the president of the garden club.
One of the many plants used in the production
Needing to have an award-winning plant Rhoda pulls through and just the blue ribbon making her president. In this comedy, the actresses and actors came together to produce this hilarious play.
Gracie who plays Rhoda taking off her microphone after a performance.
All things must come to an end, sadly when the lights come on the fantasy of being a suburban mom in the 80s comes to an end. The actors did an amazing job with this show. This might have been the last production from mercy’s theater department for this school year but it will be one to remember.
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