Rapid Industrial Revolution By: Peyton Helm (hour 5)

Background Information

The Industrial Revolution started when many citizens from Ireland and Germany started migrating to America. These new citizens were called immigrants, who more than likely worked in a factory. But just because there was more citizens to take the jobs a slave could, that didn't stop slavery from increasing. People have different opinions on whether or not rapid Industrial Revolution was a blessing or a curse for Americans. It could go either way, based on the facts you have heard. Rapid Industrial Revolution did bad things such as increase slavery and increase discrimination. It also did good things such as boosting the economy and creating more job opportunities. Rapid Industrial Revolution was a blessing to Americans because it improved communication, new inventions were made, and transportation improved.

Improved Communication

One reason rapid Industrial Revolution in the U.S. was a blessing is because communication improved. The telegraph was invented as a way of communication. An article states "Any system that can transmit encoded information by signal across a distance may be called a telegraph." The telegraph was a blessing because we could communicate faster. It also help the North win the civil war, which later helped unite the North and South.

New Inventions

Another reason why rapid Industrial Revolution was a blessing for America is because new inventions, like the cotton gin were created. The cotton gin was a machine used to separate the cotton seeds from the cotton itself. On the article about the picture below it states "Designed to separate cotton fiber from seed, Whitney's cotton gin introduced a new, profitable technology to agricultural production in America." The cotton gin made producing products with cotton go a lot faster. If the cotton gin had not been created, cotton picking would have taken a lot longer and production mass would not have been as great.

Improved Transportation

A final reason on why rapid Industrial Revolution was a blessing for Americans is because it improved transportation. The railroads in the South were growing and as a result, cities were growing. With the cities growing, that meant that America needed to expand westward. Many citizens were happy with America expanding because they supported Manifest Destiny. The railroads were helping America expand.

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