The Brain By: Ken Williams

Frontal Lobe

Contains the most dopamine-neurons in the cerebral cortex. This part of the brain is associated with reward, attention, tasks, planning, motivation and short term memory. Mostly controls the voluntary motion of the body, like walking.

Parietal Lobe

Another one of the four major parts of the brain. This part of the brain controls sensory and touch in the body. Its also plays a very big role in language processing and speaking.

Temporal Lobe

This part of the brain is involved with possessing sensory input and retaining visual memory, language comprehension and emotional signs and feelings. Contains and stores all of the long term memory of your life. It also plays a role in auditory and visual memory's.

Occipital Lobe

This part of the brain differentiates color and is what you use to control your body off of your visual ques. You use this part of your brain when playing sports and it controls your reaction time. It takes what you see and changes what your body does according to what you see.

Spinal Cord

The Spinal Cord connects you brain the rest of your body and is the main pathway and tells your body what to do from your brain. It connects the brain and peripheral nervous system that transfers all information from the brain through neuron transmitters.


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