The Good Life Nature Activity at the Florida Museum of Natural History By Dionne Blake, Discussion Period 6 (all PHOTOS TAKEN BY ME)

Nature on Display

This exhibit showed the interaction of nature and the Native American Indians. In this particular scene named "The Chiefly Exchange", two people, a leader from the Chattahoochee Landing and a nobleman engage in an exchange. This was the way they used to exchange goods in this time period. This exhibit was appealing because it showed not only the encounter between the two different worlds, but also aspects of each (like the tools the natives used). This exhibit caught my attention in the way that it was presented because it placed this scene somewhat in the center. What I learned about the natural world from this exhibit was that the natural world can give you all the tools and essentials you need to survive in life if you decide to accept nature. The thing about my experience that I found enjoyable was how the exhibit showed the interrelationship between nature and humans through the details and accuracy.

Nature and Ethics

Yes, the Butterfly Rainforest did allow me to experience nature in the way Leopold recommended because of the layout and how I felt almost unified with nature. I felt in awe and sensed the fluttering of the butterflies as they flew past me. Being surrounded by the butterflies made me think I was in this almost majestical new world. The other people with me were both calm and panicking at the same time (since one of my friends wasn't used to the butterflies in his surroundings). For the one who was calm, she connected with nature by truly just standing to admire them and look at them more closely in detail. Yes, this experience instilled in me the ethical responsibility Leopold suggested as I understood the beauty of nature should not be tarnished by the faults and greed of man.

Nature and the Human Spirit

The natural history museum helps us step out of ordinary lives by bringing us more in touch with nature and all its majestic elements. It helps us understand who we are by reflecting the elements of life that we don't notice, which in turn focuses us to reflect more about our own qualities as human beings. It helps us better appreciate the mystery and majesty of the natural world by showing us in smaller more descriptive minute details of life.

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