The Florida Museum of Natural History Cameron Evans

Examining the wildlife in the Northwest Florida exhibit

One of the exhibits in the Florida Museum of Natural History that most appealed to me was the Northwest Florida exhibit. It caught my attention because of its natural atmosphere. It also reminded me of the woods from my childhood in which I used to play. This part of the museum was very realistic- it literally felt as if you were in a a forest. Several interactive areas allowed you to take a look at the insects you might find in Northwest Florida. Since this area was so interactive, one was able to learn about nature using their senses (rather than reading from a textbook). The unique surroundings of the exhibit made me more eager to learn about the animals and shrubbery characteristic of the location. What made the experience so enjoyable was being able to observe nature firsthand (especially in the form of the butterfly exhibit).

Enjoying the butterfly exhibit

The Natural History Museum definitely gave me the opportunity to view nature with respect and admiration. All throughout the museum I was overtaken with awe on behalf of the grand exhibits. Most particularly in the butterfly exhibit, where butterflies are hatched and kept in a ginormous enclosed area. In this space butterflies can roam freely, and visitors can observe the insects at a close level. Being able to experience nature on such a personal level augmented my respect for it. Much like myself, many others reacted in wonder at the chance to see nature firsthand. Additionally, my visit instilled in me an ethical responsibility to protect the beauty that is nature.

My roommate and I reenacting a display

The Natural History Museum allows us to step out of our own lives and into a majestic landscape. When I visited the museum, I was able to temporarily forget the busyness of daily life and fully appreciate nature. Learning about the natural world also made me realize how small I am in the overall scheme of things. The natural history museum reminded me of the vast scope of nature, and how truly amazing and powerful it is.

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