A2 - The Scope and Feature of UK and Worldwide Travel Destinations UK vs Peru

This E - Poster would demonstrate the features of the UK a developed country in Europe and Peru a developing country in South America.

Physical features are made up of man made and natural attractions which you can physically touch.

Natural Features

English Countryside & Peruvian Mountains

The UK is an island surrounded by water except for N.I. with the English Channel separating it from Mainland Europe.

Peru is located in the sub tropical area of South America with the Amazon River being born there.

The UK landscape varies with mountains, but is more well known for its lowland ferns and gently rolling hills, but the weather is very unpredictable at times throughout the season.

The landscape of Peru ranges from the rain forest, valleys, desert and the mountains which the Andes is located in with dry seasons for the Summer.

Man Made Features

Warwick Castle & Saycmarca

Man Made Attractions in the UK would make up the majority of top attractions in the country with the British Museum topping the list at 6,820,686 in 2015.

The main Man Made Attractions in Peru are ruins by the Incan people with Machu Picchu being the most famous even though some can argue that ruins can be part of nature features since nature is reclaiming it.

The Social characteristics are what makes the people with their culture and customs that this is made of.

The many Social characteristics of the UK is that they are known for Fish and Chips, Football, having 28 days off work and Afternoon Tea.

There is the Changing of the Guards which is a royal tradition at Buckingham Palace and happens daily at 11:30 sharp and is where the Old Guard hand responsibility to the New Guard.

The social characteristics of Peru is that they have traditional clothing, Urbanisation is high and the rich and poor line is wide.

The Inti Raymi is a celebration used to honor the Sun God that takes place in Cuzco on June 24th and this is the 2nd largest festival in South America.

Political aspects is on the government side with the policies and how stable they are.

House of Commons & Peru's Government Palace

The UK government has an election which selects the prime minister with the cabinet being chosen that would work on different sectors where they are a stable government and would fund the private sector generating over 60,000 new jobs.

The Peru Government select a president through an election and have recently been stable since 1990 where before that there were military dictatorship and terrorism and is a safer place to visit nowadays.

The Economic influences are the statistics of the country which is based on how many people visit and how much they are making.

UK Visitor Numbers and Total Spend Carrington, M. (2016) UK TOURISM STATISTICS 2016

The UK has increased their spend from £16 billion in 2008 to £22 billion in 2015 and their visitor numbers have increased from 30 million in 2010 to 36 million in 2015.

The influence this is contributing to the country is that the GDP contribution is at 10.5% and the employment levels by Tourism is at 12.7%.

Peru Visitor Numbers and Total Spend Group, T.W.B. (2016) Peru

Peru has increased visitor numbers from as low as 2 million in 2009 to 3.5 million in 2015 and the spending has become steady at 12 PEN Billion in 2015.

The influence this is contributing to the country is that the GDP contribution is at 9.7% and the employment levels by Tourism at 7.9%.

Issues that affect the popularity and the appeal of the destination.

GBP/EUR Chart Brexit Impact

An issue the UK is facing is that Brexit took place with this graph showing it plunged the pound and has become weaker. But this can also be a positive with a 7% rise in spending with visitors from Asia and the US making those numbers.

Terrorism is another issue with attacks in Europe and people might avoid London where the recent terrorist attacks has caused hotel occupancy rates to slip to 58% which is a decline of 24.7%.

Lima, Peru Crime Rates

One of the main issues here is the crime rate in the main city of Lima where the statistics show that the crime here are high with the average being 68.27.

The poverty can affect the appeal with 8 million people are poor which is 1/3 of the population with more than 50% of people living in the rural area are poor.

UK Strengths

  • Many Historical Buildings and Museums
  • Government Stable
  • Tourism Numbers Highest Ever

UK Weaknesses

  • Social Traditions Dying Out
  • Brexit Future
  • Unpredictable Weather

Peru Strengths

  • Varied Landscape
  • Ruins
  • Festivals

Peru Weaknesses

  • High Crime Rate in Lima
  • Poverty Line
  • Government History

Comparing and Contrasting the UK and Peru

UK and Peru Flags

The UK and Peru have many similarities like the natural aspects of the country can be vary with the UK having mountains and lowland fields while Peru has the Andes to the Deserts.

Another similarity is that both governments are relatively stable and both their tourist numbers and total spend has increased.

The differences they have is that the classes in the UK are getting shorter with more people being in middle class while Peru has the poverty line widen with 1/3 classed as poor.

The UK has 36 million visitors compared with 6 million for Peru showing that even though both of these countries have increased to new heights, the UK is more well known than Peru with the visitors.

Peru Responsible Tourism

Peru Responsible Tourism

Peru is a destination that has started to spring and would be a great place to do responsible tourism with more than 50% of the rural areas being poor and the ruins need to be preserve.

We will try to enhance the host community by bridging the gaps, having people live with the locals and they would be given a chance to lead tours. The ruins would involve small groups visiting so that it has less impact with the amount of people coming.

Peru is starting to become popular and this is a chance to offer responsible tourism with the valid points and what it can do to the people and the surroundings.


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