Drawing in 3D 1 point and 2 point perspective

This city view was done with 2 point perspective

To master the 3D effect of drawing we first must learn the basic rules of perspective

Tools needed to start: drawing paper, ruler, a sharp pencil, eraser

First you will need to determine your horizon line this is typically at eye level it separates the bottom or tops of objects it is crucial in developing perspective

Once you have determined the horizon line you place a dot on your page known as the Vanishing Point, as objects are placed closer to the VP they will diminish in size.

Your vanishing point will always be on the horizon line

To understand this concept easily lets start with drawing a bedroom like pictured above

  • Once the horizon line and VP are in place start with drawing the back wall this will be shaped in a square
  • There will be only 3 types of lines in this drawing: vertical horizontal and slanted.
  • Now to create the side walls go to each corner of the square and connect that point with the VP with your ruler, draw the line to the edge of the paper
  • To add furniture to the bedroom think of everything in terms of boxes.
  • First draw a square with lines parallel to the back wall
  • Then align the ruler from the squares points back to the VP like we did with the side walls.
  • Once the boxes are made start carving out the creative designs
Famous painting: Bedroom in Arles by Vincent Van Gogh

2 point perspective is very similar to one point perspective following the same basic principles.

The difference is the squares are not directly flat, this meaning you can't immediately draw your squares

  • Instead of one vanishing point place two dots along the horizon line
  • To start drawing your square begin with 2 vertical parallel lines under the horizon line
  • Connect the top off both lines back to the opposite corner VP
  • Do the same with the bottom of the vertical lines
  • You will then take the top of both lines and draw a line connecting them to the closest VP
  • You will do this for only 1 of the bottom lines connecting again to the closest VP

Once you understand 2 point perspective you can create highly detailed images of street corners or interior spaces

Created By
Lindsey Miles


Created with images by Pexels - "close-up color pencils colour pencils" • Phillip Pessar - "Kmart Press Photo" https://goo.gl/images/M1T5Fv https://goo.gl/images/PSp095 https://goo.gl/images/ySUTZc https://goo.gl/images/qIyqwz https://goo.gl/images/B9tPvk

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