We LIVE. LOVE. LEAD. creating confident Young women one girl at a time


Today's young women are expected to be and do more now than any time in history. The messages they receive can be contradicting and confusing. We LIVE. LOVE. LEAD. is a fun 4-day workshop created to help elementary-age girls build self-confidence through self-awareness, self-expression and sharing.

Our mission is to teach our girls to LIVE their ideal life, LOVE themselves first and LEAD others by confidently showing up as their best self.


During this 4-day workshop the girls will learn:

  • CONFIDENCE - using kid-friendly behavioral assessments the girls will discover their natural gifts and how to use them in school, at home and with friends.
  • FRIENDSHIP - through various activities the girls will learn how to show up as their best self, be a good friend and understand the importance of building positive relationships in their life.
  • GOAL SETTING - using a series of activities the girls will learn to dream, set goals and uncover the resources needed to achieve them.
  • KINDNESS - throughout the program kindness will serve as a daily theme. The workshop will conclude with a KINDNESS EVENT where the girls will share projects they worked on throughout the week.

Each day will begin at 9:00am and end at 1:00pm with a snack and beverage provided.

Day 1 - Focus on Self - They will meet each other through introductions and a series of icebreakers. With the use of educational activities the girls will learn about their natural gifts and what it means to show up as their best self. The goal of the day is to create confidence through self-awareness.

Day 2 - Focus on Friendship - We will then review the discussion from the day before and how showing up as their best self impacts relationships at home and with friends. We will embrace these ideas through fun activities and journaling. The day will conclude with the introduction of the Kindness Event - the girls will break into groups and be given guidelines for their projects. The goal of the day is to learn how to use their natural gifts to enhance relationships with others.

Day 3 - Focus on Goals - The we will discuss the importance of setting goals and introduce the girls to different forms of goal setting. They will choose their favorite form and write a clear goal for their Kindness Project and for the summer. The day will conclude with time to work on their Kindness Projects. The goal for the day is to learn to set goals and find the resources to achieve them.

Day 4 - Focus on Kindness - The girls will present their Kindness Projects to each other. We will review what we learned during the previous three days and discuss how to put their thoughts into action during the summer and throughout the upcoming school year.

  • journal
  • behavioral assessment
  • printed materials
  • take home projects
  • 4 days of FUN, FUN, FUN

Laura Treonze, Chief Life Strategist - LMT Consulting

  • Mother of two - Taylor, age 13 and Mitch, age 11
  • Certified Master Behavioral Specialist, Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst, Certified Professional Motivator Analyst and Certified Professional Trimetric HD analyst
  • Contributor to two bestselling books "Living the Law of Attraction" & "WIN"
  • Trainer, Social Behaviors of Families
  • Author, Parenting Corner Weekly Blog

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