Vielka is a long-time advocate of education, having taught in high-need schools or with under-resourced communities for over two decades. She has also taught and researched at the university-level at NYU, UCLA, UC Berkeley, Stanford, and the University of Chicago, in the areas of race, educational technologies, college access, and teacher training. Her work in college access began at the College Access Project for African Americans at UCLA and continues with the start-up she founded, Bridge to College, and with individual families.

The most important part about college-access is knowing why college is important. There are more people and mechanisms telling families and students that college is not important, or that one degree is just like another, or that college debt is a necessary evil than there are telling families what is actually possible.

Students can go to college and graduate in four years. They can earn a degree that will lead to a career. And students can do so without incurring overwhelming debt.

The reason why students are not aware is because higher education is a business and it is a more lucrative business when students believe they have to go into debt to earn a degree.

But college is the one guaranteed way that students can increase their life chances, for themselves and their communities. And there is a way to do so without incurring debt.

The other reality is that most students do not need much to move in the right direction. Sometimes it's just about knowing what class to take or understanding financial aid.

But college admissions is also a business. And we've seen what some families will do outside the realm of what's legal.

I've built a scaled solution that is free for students. You can also ask me questions on social media.

Ensuring young people are put in a position to pursue their passions is important to me.

I offer services to individual families to work directly with me. If you are interested in the scaled service, kindly review Bridge to College's offerings. If you are interested in 1:1 services, I can work with up to five students each year.

If you have questions or would like to discuss more about your student, kindly schedule a consultation.

I started Bridge to College in 2017 so that students can have a free resource that matches them to colleges that are a financial, academic, and social fit. I applied what I learned in high-achieving and high-need schools to create a service that did not rely on how much a family makes and puts their interests at the front.

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