Angry Parents and a broken heart By:Jack Butler

It was a Sunday night and me and my friend Kole were just sitting in his bedroom. We were talking to Daniel on facetime and we were just having an overall good time. We were just talking so I decided to open snaps and send streaks when my friend Keeley facetimes me. This was not abnormal because she had called me earlier in the day. I answered the phone and there Keeley was. The bad thing was that I realized one knucklehead was sitting right next to me with another knucklehead on facetime with him. I feared that they would say something extremely stupid and Keeley would be angry at me. “ Hey Jack, how’s it going?” she said. I told her that I was fine and then she said she had to tell me something. So she rambles on and on about this kid that was crazy and stuff and as she is telling the story Daniel is making noises the entire time and was saying “Oh no he didn’t” and stuff like that. Instead of making her mad it made her laugh and I was relieved. After talking for a while I hung up and was just chilling when I came up with the Idea to create a group chat with all of us in it. Looking back at it now, this was not the greatest idea. I should have known something stupid was going to happen. Anyway I tell my friend that I made the group chat so we start texting. All of a sudden Kole starts looking up cheesy pickup lines and put them in the chat. It was really funny and we texted back and forth for a while. After about an hour my mom calls me so I answer and she asks me what I am doing and I told her about the group chat. Well, I forgot that are phones were connected so she could see the group chat. I mean I was ok with it because we weren’t doing anything bad but then I looked at the title of the chat. Daniel changed the name to something very inappropriate and I was unaware of it. My heart sinks because I know my mom is probably fiery with rage, The thing is that she thinks that I was the one who named it but it was actually Daniel. My mom is now yelling at me through the phone and I’m very scared because she has to drop off my clothes because I was going to sleepover. I knew she was gonna be mad at me as soon as I saw her. After she yelled at me for about 10 minutes over the phone she says that she is coming over to drop off my clothes. As soon as she hangs up I sent her about five paragraphs saying I was sorry and did not mean any harm whatsoever and that I was not the one who named it. She does not answer and then she finally tells me that she’s outside. I am now scared for my life as I open the door and walk outside and approach her car. She rolls down the window and tells me that she is disappointed in me and she gave me my things. Then she tells me that she loves me and leaves. The worst feeling to me is when my mom or dad tells me that they are disappointed in me. I go back inside and delete the group chat and as I went to sleep I felt so terrible for what I did. The next morning comes around and my mom picks me up and says how that was an irresponsible move on my part and I agreed. My Mom has now forgiven me but now I know that I am never going to do that ever again, I learned my lesson.

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